Dining In at Chelsea House - Chelsea House

Dining In at Chelsea House

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd June, 2021

Sometimes in the evening you just want to relax; put the music on, enjoy a refreshment and order some food.

In Falmouth, there is a good range of takeaway options and we’ve listed a few to suit your mood and of course your taste. Everything from slightly spicy and hot, to delicious sourdough pizzas, to super plant-based choices too, something for everyone, not forgetting, our award-winning fish and chips.

Eat yours in the Garden Room or weather permitting in the garden; we provide condiments, disposable plates, and cutlery, you are very welcome.

To top it off enjoy a refreshment, maybe a Cornish cider or beer, maybe a cold glass of wine. Our Honesty Bar is not in use as it used to be, but it’s still available, just let us know your tipple and we’ll sort it for you.