A bit of a crush...kerroyale, London - Chelsea House

A bit of a crush…kerroyale, London

Posted on Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

Yes, I have a bit of a crush on CH. Chelsea House is one of the most charming, welcoming and relaxing places I’ve stayed. It has good looks and location on its side, and from the moment you step up the path to the smartly furnished front door, you know you’ve made a cracking choice. Set on a lovely wide seaside street, where seagulls have to compete with blackbirds for birdsong – don’t miss the magical gardens just a pebble’s throw up the road – the house is immaculate in detail and fun its discreet nod to 60s style (I was in the peachy Dusty Springfield room with a balcony and views out to the bay; rug and binoculars and Ercol chair for cosy daydreaming). Sharon and Nigel are lovely hosts, friendly, interesting and interested in their guests. And the breakfast is top-notch, beautifully cooked, with an original menu and a splendid spread of fruit and freshly made cakes on the side. Hope you will be as smitten as I was.